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1997-1999  Post doctoral Research, Beijing Normal University
1997       Ph.D., Institute of Applied Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1989       Master, Applied Mathematics, Jilin University of Technology
1984       Bachelor, Mathematics, Beijing Normal University

Working Experiences

2000-Present  Lecturer-Professor, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China
2010        Visiting Professor, University of Victoria, Canada

Research Contribution:
Solved two open questions raised by some foreign scholars and confirmed the existence of one kind of non-smooth linear algebra.

Research Interests

Project Management, Logistics Management, Risk Management


Game Theory, Operations Research, Project Management



Selected Academic Articles:
Guoshan Liu and Shiqin Xu, 2012, Multiperiod Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Model With Electronic Commerce And Multicriteria Decision-Making, Rairo-Operations Research (SSCI/SCI);
Guoshan Liu and Ziqiu Wei, 2012, “Research on Food Cold Chain Logistics Technology Implantation Based on Complicated Methods”, China Business and Market;
Longzhen Li and Guoshan Liu, April 2010, “Empirical Study on Strategic Human Resource Management of Korean-funded Enterprises in China”, Chinese Journal of Management Science (Faculty B *), pp.172-180, Second Author;
Guoshan Liu, 2009, “Interactive Algorithm for Multi-Criteria Weights in Incomplete Information”, Cybernetics, Vol. 38, pp. 369-380;
Guoshan Liu, Yuhong He, 2009, An interactive algorithm for deciding multi-criteria weights in incomplete information environment, KYBERNETES,(3-4) (College Non-core Periodicals, SCI Included);
Guoshan Liu, Ye Jane, Jiaping Zhu, 2008, Partial Exact Panelty for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints, Set-Valued Analusis (College Non-core Periodicals, SCI Included), pp.5-6;
Changying Hu and Guoshan Liu, “Two-tier Location Optimization Model Based on Environmental Perspective”, China Management Science (Faculty B*), No. 4 (2007).

Services & Awards

Honors and Awards

Winner of the Third Prize Award with the thesis entitled “Trust-region Algorithm for Double-layer Optimization”,  the Third Philosophy and Social Sciences by Ministry of Education;
Winner of the First Prize Award with the thesis entitled “Exact Penalty Function for Double-layer Optimization”, the Outstanding Scientific Research Results by Renmin University

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