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2010.8-2011.8  Visiting Scholar, College of Business Administration, Kent State University 1998.9-2003.6  Ph.D., Management, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China   1990.9-1993.6  Master, Economics, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China 1992.8-1996.6  Bachelor, Eletronic Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Working Experiences

2007.09-present Associate Professor at the School of 2007.6-2017.6    Party Secretary, Department of Management Science and Engineering;
2012.10-2015.10  Executive Deputy Director, MBA -TAP Project;
2004.5-2008.5    Guest Deputy County Mayor in Charge of Industry in Ganyu County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province;
1993.7-1996.6     Executive, the Sub-company of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.;
1986.7-1990.8     Political Counselor, Department of Electronic Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Research Interests

Entrepreneurship Management


Managerial Economics, Entrepreneurship Management, Management



Selected Academic Articles:
1.Analysis on S&P 500 Index Chaotic Attractor: the Application of Chaos Theory in Capital Markets, Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economic, No. 10 (1993), Second Author;
2.Countermeasures of Venture Capital, Industrial Technology Economics, No.4 (2000);
3.Study on the Successful Factors of EU's Investment Enterprises in China,  Decision-making Reference, No. 6 (2000), Second Author;
4.Enterprise Technology Center Needs to Create Four Innovative Mechanisms, Science and Technology Daily, February 5, 2001;
5.Countermeasures of Beauty Enterprise Brand Management Strategy, China Science Beauty, February 2003;
6.Theoretical Thinking of Value-oriented Management of Enterprise Technology Center, Journal of Shandong University, March 2004;
7.Details of the Management: the Insurmountable Secret, Entrepreneur World, November 2005.
Selected Monographs:
“Enterprise Technology Center Value-oriented Management”, May 2005, China Economic Publishing Press.

Selected Research Grants:
1998.7-1999.7    Participator, "Success Factors for EU-China Ventures" Program;
2000.6-2001.10   Participator, National Social Science Fund Project: "Empirical Analysis and Research on Management Model of Science and Technology Venture Capital Firm";
2001.6-2002.12  Participator, State Education Commission Project: "Research on Innovation of Enterprise Technology and Mode Change of Economic Growth".


Yugu Liang, 2007.4, Entrepreneurship Consultant (Training Guide for National Vocational Qualification), China Labour and Social Security Publishing House.

Services & Awards

Key community services

2014.5-Present   Independent Director, Ningxia Xinhua Store Co., Ltd.;
2010.6-Present  Distinguished Expert, Venture Consulting in Employment Training Technical Advisory Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Honors and Awards

2001.2 Winner of the first prize award with the thesis entitled "Enterprise Technology Center Needs to Create Four Innovative Mechanism" in the forum essay contest of "Hongqi Cup" state-owned enterprise reform and development and technology innovation jointly sponsored by Science and Technology Daily, Department of High-tech Development and Industrialization, the Ministry of Science and Technology, State Economic and Trade Commission Technology Progress and Equipment Division;
2008  Representative of Faculty Representative Committee and Trade Union of Renmin University of China;
2008  Representative of Chinese Communist Party Congress in Renmin University of China;
2008  Participant and winner of the first prize award  of 2008 Outstanding Teaching Achievement in "Operation Management Teaching Mode Innovation Based on Practical Ability"

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