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2005 PhD in Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong
2001 MPhil in Business Administration, Tsinghua University
1997 B.E. in Environmental Engineering, Zhejiang University         

Working Experiences

2005.09-present    Renmin University of China, P.R.China
2002.01-2002.07    China National Nuclear Cooperation, P.R.China
1997.07-1999.02    China National Nuclear Cooperation, P.R.China

Research Interests

Leadership, Employment relationship, Guanxi & organizational politics in China, Strategic Human Resource Management


Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Statistics for Management Research, Research Methodology for Behavioral Studies



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Lee, Cynthia,Jun Liu,Rousseau, Denise M, Hui Chun,Chen, Zhen Xiong,011,“ong Zhen Xiongess Researchaltionalrce Mana: A Moderated Mediation Model”,Culture AndHuman Resource Management,No.2. 

Jun Liu,Liu, X.Y.,Zeng, X.J.,2011,Does Transactional Leadership Count For Team Innovativeness? The Moderating Role Of Emotional Labor And The Mediating Role Of Team Efficacy,Journal Of Organizational Change Management,No.3.

Jun Liu, Kwan, H.K., Wu, L.Z., & Wu, W. K.,2010,Abusive supervision and subordinate supervisor-directed deviance: The moderating role of traditional values and the mediating role of revenge cognitions, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 83(4),pp. 835-856. 

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Wei, L.Q., Jun Liu, Chen, Y.Y., & Wu, L.Z.,2010,Political skill, guanxi with supervisor and the career development of subordinates: Evidence from Chinese firms,Journal of Management Studies, 47(3), pp.437-454.

Services & Awards

Key community services

Researcher, the Value-based Leadership Research Center, Xi’an Jiaotong University, P.R.China

Honors and Awards

Jun Liu, Lee, C., & Hui, C. “Taking on obligations: Why employees stay?” Best Micro-Paper Award of the 8th International Business Research Conference.

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