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2000-2005 Master and Ph.D.,Business Administration,  Maastricht,Business School (MSM),  the Netherlands
1987-1989 Master, English Applied Linguistics, Hohai University,Nanjing
1983-1987 Bachelor, English Linguistics and Literature, Nanjing Normal University

Working Experiences

2005-Present Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China;
1993-2005Business School,Nanjing University;
1990-1993 Department of English, Hohai University.

Research Interests

Human Resource Management, Managerial communication, Leadership


Managerial Communication, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Action Learning Methods



Selected Academic Articles

1. Yunxia Feng, et al.“3E work patterns, enabling the members and helping to achieve organizational success”, Tsinghua Management Review, (2020);

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25.Yunxia Feng, “Research on Symbolization Process of Organizational CultureBased on Perspective of Organizational Identity Building and Recognition”, Journal of Jinan University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 2010.


Managerial communication, Yunxia Feng, et al. Renmin University Press, 2020,IBSN 978-7-300-27918-3


1.Organizational Capacity Building in Bank of Weifang

2.Corporate Culture Building of Yihua Group

3.Institutional Corporate Behavior of Beijing Yingherui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

4.Human Resource Management, Harvard Business School Cases, Renmin University of China Press

5.The Best Practice of TBEA, Machinery Industry Press

6.The Best Practice of CTGPC, Machinery Industry Press

7.Research on Be Better Education Consulting Co., Ltd

8.Exploration for H Company's Human Resources Business Partners

9.Organizational Capacity Building of Winchem Technology Co., Ltd

10.Corporate Culture Building of Beijing QL-ART Printing Co., Ltd

Services & Awards

Key community services

Member Teaching advisory Board, EMBA program  
Action learning specialist, EE program
Academic Instructor, EE-CLO Project;
Director, CMPM Module;
Management Advisor, Beijing Yingherui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd;
Management Advisor, China COSCO Fisheries Co., Ltd.

Honors and Awards

2020   Outstanding TEACHER  of Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China;

2018  Excellent teacher in MBA program

2017 Excellent teacher in EE program

2014   The First Prize of Alumni Enterprise Management Case Contest of Renmin University of China;

2013   Best Operation Award of National EMBA ;

2012.12  The First Prize of Alumni Enterprise Management Case Contest of Renmin University of China;

2012.12  The Second Prize of Teaching Achievement Award of Beijing City (CMPM Project);

2012.10  The First Prize of the Seventh Renmin University of China Appraisal for Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award

RMBS made the Top-50 list of MBA,
EMBA and EE programs——The Financial Times

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