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Copyfrom:Dept. of Management Science an Time:2019-10-30

Theme:Collaboration Technology Use and Team Creativity in IT Project Teams- A Creative Synthesis Perspective

Speaker:Xiaojie Zhang (City University of Hong Kong)

Time:2019-10-30 12:00

Address:Room 1008, Mingde Business Building




Contemporary IT project teams face increasingly complex problems that require the entire team to use collaborative technology for creative problem solving at the team level, thus highlighting the pertinence of understanding team creativity. The prior research does not decode the team creativity development processes nor examine how collaborative technology should be designed to promote team creativity in IT project teams. Drawing on the creative synthesis perspective originated in the management literature, our study develops a research model to examine the extent to which three aspects of the creativity synthesis process, namely collective attention, similarity building, and idea enacting, help team members synthesize the resources toward team creativity. Furthermore, by re-categorizing existing collective technology features based on the extended team knowledge framework, we identify three sets of features and examine their respective impact on the three aspects of creativity synthesis. Our research model is empirically supported by a multi-sourced survey over 500 team members and their leaders from 62 IT project teams. Theoretical and practical implications are subsequently discussed.

Short biography:

Xiaojie Zhang is a Ph.D. Candidate in the department of Information Systems from the joint Ph.D program between Xi’an Jiaotong University and City University of Hong Kong. Her research interests lie in knowledge management, creativity and innovation, team diversity, and collaboration technologies. She has published journal articles in venues such as Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), Information Systems Journal (ISJ), and conference papers in proceedings such as AOM, PACIS, and IACMR.


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