Launch Notice on the 2020 Management Elite Online Training Camp of Renmin University of China


Registration for 2020 Management Elite Online Training Camp of Renmin University of China was launched on March 12. 212 teams were qualified after examination. Relevant matters concerning the online training camp are announced as follows.


According to the total number and order of registered teams, all teams are allocated to 19 training areas. Each area in 1-16 training areas has 11 teams, and 12 teams in each area of 17-19 training areas. Please refer to the attachment for details.




Firm platform URL:

When logging into the platform for the first time, the login email is the one filled in during registration, and the password is player (in lower case).

After login, please do the following:

1. Change your password.

2. Confirm team members.

3. Confirm or Modify the team name, which must be the same as in the registration form.

If in doubt, please send email to


1. If your email has been registered on the Cesim platform, use the original password when logging in. If you forget the password, please retrieve it though “Forgot Password” on the login page. There is a delay in recovering the password. If you need help, please contact Cesim Technical Support:

2. The“Decision Making Guide” and “Case Description” on Firm platform both take the pharmaceutical industry as an example for reference only.


1. For more information about the camp, please visit

2. All related inquiries and consultations have to go through the Firm platform.

Appendix: TeamList.xlsx

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