RMBS donates to support the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic

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The Chinese Spring Festival of 2020 was disrupted by a sudden outbreak of the COVID-19. RMBS students and faculty members were deeply concerned about the worsening epidemic and the shortage of frontline epidemic prevention supplies.

At this critical moment, the school called on its MBA, EMBA and EE alumni to support the coronavirus-hit areas.

As of February 4, according to incomplete statistics, the donations from EMBA students, teachers and alumni totaled 2.8545 million yuan, including 854,500 yuan in cash and 2 million yuan in kind.

As of February 7, the secretariat of EE Alumni Association received 379,369 yuan worth of donations. The alumni enterprises donated 3 million yuan to the Hebei Red Cross Society.

As of February 7,215 MBA alumni donated 133,352 yuan and 10 protective suits.

On January 25, the EMBA Program Center issued a “Proposal for Medical Equipment Support in Wuhan” to the alumni community. The EMBA students worked together with the EMBA alumni association and clubs, class contacts and staff to prepare aid materials.

On February 2, the secretariat of EE Alumni Association called on alumni to assist Hubei province and jointly fight against the coronavirus. All EE alumni shoulder the social responsibilities and carry forward the spirit of “when difficulties arise in one place, aid comes from everywhere”.

On February 3, EE alumni from all sides coordinated resources to prepare goods and ensure point-to-point donation with 7 frontline Hubei hospitals.

Some MBA alumni who graduated last year teamed up to purchase aid materials from suppliers, coordinated logistics, and ensured delivery to hospitals in Wuhan.

RMBS alumni has fulfilled the concept of “return to alma mater, return to society” and undertaken their responsibilities.

The alumni donation initiative is still in progress, and RMBS will continue to assist related alumni organizations.







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(Donations for some Hubei hospitals and confirmation letters)

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