Notice on the 2020 Management Elite Online Training Camp of Renmin University of China

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To improve comprehensive abilities and teamwork skills of students majoring in economics and management, the National Experiential Learning Demonstration Center of Economics and Management of Renmin University of China and the Center for Experimental Teaching of Renmin Business School jointly organize the “2020 Management Elite Online Training Camp of Renmin University of China”.


CESIM, a world’s leading provider of business simulations.


Each team runs a pharmaceutical company through online simulations for several rounds. Taking into account the external environment and competitors’ flexible strategies, each team needs to make strategic decisions in marketing, sales, production, and finance among other aspects to maximize gross revenue.

Game Flow:

The online training camp consists of two phases: practice and actual simulation game. The practice phase consists of 2 rounds with two days for decision-making in each round. The actual simulation game consists of 12 rounds with one day for decision-making in each round. 


Team registration: now until 24:00, March 22, 2020

Camp Start: March 25, 2020

Practice Phase: March 25-28, 2020

Actual Simulation Game: March 29- April 9, 2020

Results Announcement: April 15, 2020

The top three teams with the highest accumulated earnings will directly advance to the finals of “the 10th Business Simulation Contest of Renmin University of China” in 2020.


1. The registration is open to all undergraduates, postgraduates, and international students from the Business School, School of Statistics, School of Finance, School of Economics, and School of Applied Economics in Renmin University of China.

2. Only team registration is accepted. Teams can be formed across schools, disciplines and grades, and have no more than 4 members each. Each student can only participate in one team. Team names and members cannot be changed once confirmed.


1. Fill in the registration form in EXCEL as a team.

2. Save the registration form as “Team Name”, and send it to 


1. Registration deadline: 24:00, March 22, 2020. Late registrations will not be accepted after the deadline.

2. The information on the registration form should be true and valid. Otherwise, the team will be disqualified.

3. Please enter the correct email address in the registration form, which will be used for CESIM platform log-in. Please check your emails regularly for any updates about the training camp.

4. Registration is free.


1. Integrity is the top priority. Should any participant attempt to deliberately disrupt the operation of the contest, once verified, the team will be disqualified from the contest immediately.

2. Participants should complete all rounds of decision-making. Otherwise, once verified, the team will be disqualified from the contest immediately.

3. For more information about the camp, please visit

4. All related inquiries and consultations have to go through the CESIM platform.

5. The National Experiential Learning Demonstration Center of Economics and Management of Renmin University of China reserves the right of final explanation. 


1. Registration Form.xlsx

2. Case Introduction.pdf

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