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In December 2019, the Center for Experience-based Learning in Economics & Management at RUC and the RMBS Center for Experimental Teaching jointly upgraded the CESIM simulation teaching platform and subscribed to the Analysys Qianfan Database. This will provide teaching and research support for faculty members across the Business School, School of Finance, School of Statistics and School of Economics.

As the world’s leading provider of business simulations, CESIM has partnered with over 700 prestigious universities globally, including Harvard Business School, the Wharton School, EU Business School, NYU Stern School of Business, Nanyang Technological University and Tsinghua University.

Since 2009, RMBS has designed a set of simulation courses for undergraduates, MBA, IMBA and MIB students based on the three platforms provided by CESIM—Simbrand, Global Challenge and OnService. Every year, around 500 students have access to simulation courses, including Marketing, Strategic Decision-Making, International Management, and Strategic Management among others.

CESIM has 10 simulation platforms including Global Challenge (Strategy & International Business Management), Simbrand (Marketing Management), OnService (Small Service Business Management), SIMFirm (General Business Management), Hospitality (Hotel & Restaurant Management), Connect (Telecom Operator Management), SIMPower (Electric Utilities Management), Project (Project Management), Bank (Banking and Financial Services Management), and Retail (Retail Store Management).

Analysys Qianfan Database includes data collected from 606 million mobile Internet users in 300+ cities in China. Its detailed analysis of large amounts of data across 45 sectors and 314 industries are highly relevant to teaching and research in economics and management.  

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The Center for Experience-based Learning in Economics & Management at RUC serves faculty members and students at Business School, School of Finance, School of Statistics, and School of Economics. It works closely with the RMBS Center for Experimental Teaching.

The center was named Demonstrative Center for Experiential Learning for Higher Education Institutions in Beijing by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2007, and China National Demonstrative Center for Experiential Learning by the Chinese Ministry of Education in November 2012.

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