RMBS Launches China’s First MPOE & LI Zhanxiang Award for Outstanding Thesis in Management Philosophy


On the morning of October 14, Renmin Business School (RMBS) held the opening ceremony of China’s first “Research Center for Business Management Philosophy and Organizational Ecology” (MPOE) & the “LI Zhanxiang Award for Outstanding Thesis in Management Philosophy”.


LIU Yuanchun, Vice President of Renmin University of China (RUC), MAO Jiye, Dean of RMBS, MA Heshan, Vice President of Baomao Group, HU Guodong, Vice President of Haier Model Research Institute and Founder of Research Fund attended the unveiling ceremony.

LIU Yuanchun stressed that Chinese management must express its own idea and establish the system involving academy, discourse and evaluation.

MPOE was established in September 2019 with the approval of RUC. It is under the leadership of RMBS and funded by Baomao Group. MPOE works to promote first-class discipline construction of RUC and contributes to restructuring and sound development of Chinese enterprises.


MPOE is committed to a win-win academic ecosystem for the cross-border collaboration among philosophers, scientists and entrepreneurs. The center adheres to the concept of “unity of knowing and doing”, conducts in-depth research on enterprise organization and management, and devotes itself to refining and discussing issues from a philosophical perspective.

MPOE implements the director responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, works in an open and cooperative manner, and promotes further cooperation with research institutions, enterprises, academic journals, media, government departments and other stakeholders at home and abroad.

The vision of the MPOE is to become first-class in China and internationally renowned in management philosophy and organizational ecology.

Professor LI Zhanxiang, pioneering in the management theory, is an outstanding management scientist and educator in China. He created the Theory of Contradiction Management with Chinese characteristics.

MPOE has set up the “LI Zhanxiang Award for Outstanding Thesis in Management Philosophy” contributing to carrying forward Professor LI Zhanxiang’s academic spirit. The first award ceremony is scheduled for May 30, 2020 during the Beijing academic seminar.

Baomao Group will donate 300 million yuan in the next five years, of which 150,000 yuan is for the “LI Zhanxiang Award for Outstanding Thesis in Management Philosophy” and 90,000 yuan for “Baomao Scholarship” awards business school students each year.

MPOE and the “LI Zhanxiang Award for Outstanding Thesis in Management Philosophy” are both funded by Shanghai Baomao Group. GUO Haiying, Secretary General of the Education Foundation of RUC and MA Heshan, Vice President of Baomao Group, signed the donation agreement. LIU Yuanchun, Vice President of RUC, MAO Jiye, Dean of Business School and Chairman of the Foundation Council of the MPOE, HUANG Sujian, member of the Academic Committee of the MPOE, and members of the MPOE Foundation witnessed the signing ceremony.


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