RUC China Trademark & Brand Institute Released “Trademark & Brand Value Rankings of Listed Companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen in 2017”


Recently, RUC China Trademark & Brand Institute released “Trademark & Brand Value Rankings of Listed Companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen in 2017” (below referred to as “2017 Rankings”). The Rankings were made for the second time ever since they were first released in the year of 2016. The Rankings targeting at trademark & brand value of listed companies, were co-accomplished by the group leader Prof. MAO Jiye, dean of Business School, Renmin University of China (RMBS) and a group of expert professors and assistant professors from Departments of Marketing, Finance, Management Science and Engineering and General Management at RMBS.

The 2017 Rankings adopted an evaluation method from both financial perspective and customers’ perspective and brought in the concept of “brand strength”. By measuring excess earnings of brand and by discounting and bringing brand income and brand strength into measurement, an evaluation model of measuring the brand value on a quantitative basis was constructed.

In terms of trademark & brand income, profit sharing rate is adopted to quantify the excess profits and it is reckoned as the value proportion that trademark and brand create for the company. Brand strength consisting of customer reviews, brand building and brand management, comprehensively indicates revenue risks of trademark & brand. Combined with the enterprise’s capital cost, it constitutes the discount rate of trademark & brand’s excess earnings.

The research group declared the evaluation rankings have the following characteristics: adopting a comprehensive evaluation model, quantifying excess earnings of trade & brand based on profit sharing rate, improving the evaluation index system, stressing trade & brand’s social responsibilities and liabilities, collecting valid data through multiple channels and being objective, authoritative and liable by using listed companies’ publically disclosed information and official data.  

2018 being the second year that RUC China Trademark & Brand Institute conducts trademark & brand evaluation, sees more research achievements compared to last year. In the first place, RUC China Trademark & Brand Institute released the 2017 Rankings. By analyzing the ranked enterprises’ data in detail, it unveiled the relevance between the core elements, development trend and growth law of brand’s value and reached lots of grand conclusions. Besides, the institute accomplished “Annual Development Report on China Trademark & Brand”, “Value Measurement Report on Enterprises’ Trademark & Brand”, “Methods and Systems for Evaluating the Value of Chinese Trademarks and Brands”, “Maturity Model of China Trademark & Brand” and “Consumer Survey Report on China Trademark & Brand”. All these works were compiled into “General Report on Value Evaluation of Trademark & Brand” with abundant contents and accurate data.

RUC China Trademark & Brand Institute is an academic research institute co-established by Renmin University of China and China Trademark Association with Prof. MAO Jiye from RMBS serving as the dean of the institute. Since its establishment, the institute marshals a group of excellent professors from different disciplines and builds an innovative research team by coordinating the university’s competitive disciplines and integrating academic resources. The institute aims to carry out researches on trademark & brand both theoretically and practically and promote international academic exchange and cooperation.

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