The 80th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of RUC by RMBS


Renmin University of China (RUC) marked its 80th anniversary on October 3rd, 2017. A series of grand activities were held to celebrate the great event. On this occasion, Business School, Renmin University of China (RMBS) organized the sixth “Alumni Homecoming”, warmly welcoming alumni in all walks of life. The RMBS family hereby reunited,sharing the development of the Alma Mater and jointly celebrating the 80th anniversary of the founding of RUC.

Chaired by JIN Nuo, Party Secretary of RUC, the 80th anniversary ceremony started impressively in the Century Hall at 9:00 am. LIU Yandong, vice premier of the State Council and member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, presented the ceremony and read the congratulatory letter from president Xi Jinping. President XI extended his congratulations on RUC’s 80th anniversary. He said RUC is the first accredited university set up by the CPC. Since its foundation, RUC develops its own distinct characteristics and has obtained great achievements in our national humanities and social sciences. XI also expressed his hope that RUC could, taking the 80th anniversary as a new starting point, carry on its fine traditions and make great efforts to build a world-class university with world-class disciplines so as to contribute more to the “Two Centenary Goals” and realization of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

The Vice-premier LIU Yandong then delivered a speech. She shared her achievements from studying in Department of Sociology, RUC and her continuous attention together with her father who is also a RUC alumnus of development of the Alma Mater. She suggested that RUC should connect its development closely with that of our nation to provide solid talents reserve forces for our national development and make great efforts to build a world-class university with world-class disciplines to contribute to our higher education development.

LIU Yandong is delivering speech

LIN Keqing, RUC alumnus, member of Beijing Municipal Committee and general secretary of Beijing Municipal Education Commission made a speech extending congratulations on RUC’s 80th anniversary in behalf of the people’s Government of Beijing Municipality and Beijing Municipal Education Commission. He reviewed RUC’ s development history, enumerated great achievements RUC has obtained and proposed expectations for future RUC.

RUC president LIU Wei combed through 80-year development history and reviewed the critical historic significance of RUC’s foundation. As he said, RUC has been walking in the forefront of the times, continuously improving its disciplinary system and has cultivated a great number of talents for all professions and trades since its foundation. RUC contributes a lot to our national policies enacting, national economic construction and social development. President Liu spoke, “standing at a new historical starting point, RUC will stick to the educational mission and keep on striving for its new chapter in the future.”
At the ceremony, representatives of Chinese students, international students, alumni, RUC faculty and universities at home and abroad delivered speeches successively. 
On Oct. 3rd, roughly 700 RMBS alumni returned to the Alma Mater. Over 300 RMBS families including the dean MAO Jiye, vice dean WANG Kanliang, some alumni, retired faculty, members of faculty and staff and some students attended the ceremony in Century Hall. The rest alumni watched live broadcast of the ceremony in a classroom of Mingde Business Building.

RMBS Alumni Signing in at Qiushiyuan, East of the Campus.

A Picture of the RMBS Dean Mao Jiye, Vice Dean Wang Kanliang, Retired Faculty Members and Some Alumni

The RMBS Alumni Watching Live Broadcast of the Ceremony

At 10:30 pm on Oct. 3rd, RMBS Party secretary HUANG Jiangming, vice dean SONG Hua, deputy Party secretary YE Kangtao, director of Department of Trade Economics WANG Xiaodong, vice director of Department of Finance LIU Junyan, director of Department of Accounting XU Jingchang, director of Department of Marketing HAN Jidong, director of Department of Management Science and Engineering WANG Baolin, associate professor of Department of Business Administration LI Xiaoguang, professor of Department of Organization and Human Resources YANG Du and some other representative professors visited the alumni in Mingde Business Building and expressed greetings and gratitude in behalf of the RMBS.

RMBS Party Secretary and Department Directors Visiting the Alumni Besides, RMBS organized a lecture titled “Theory and Practice of ‘Belt and Road’”, given by CHEN Yongjun, RMBS professor, doctoral supervisor and academic leader of Industrial Economics, one of national keystone disciplines. Professor CHEN deeply analyzed the essence and significance of “Belt and Road” strategy.

 “Belt and Road” Lecture

In addition, RMBS also held Alumni Basketball Match and Alumni Parent-Child activities. 
Supported by profound humane and scientific heritage of RUC, RMBS, going through 67-year development, has made great leaps and obtained veritable and shining achievements. In 2012, Business Administration, one of RMBS disciplines, ranked first in China in the third round of the first-class discipline assessment by Ministry of Education. In 2010 and 2013, RMBS successively obtained accreditations of EQUIS and AACSB, becoming one of the first business schools in Chinese Mainland accredited by the top two global authorities for management education quality improvement. In 2014 and 2016, MBA program, EMBA program, and EE program entered the top 50 of Financial Times successively. On the newly released “Double-First Class” list by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and National Development and Reform Commission in 2017, Business Administration of RMBS is included. 

The celebration of RUC’s 80th anniversary and the organization of RMBS’ the sixth “Alumni Homecoming” not only revealed achievements of RMBS, but also set up a communication bridge between RMBS and the alumni who are treasures of RMBS and also members of RMBS Family. RMBS will continuously provide better service and support to the RMBS alumni and forge ahead in the course of achieving its vision: “To be one of the most respected business schools in the world”.

RMBS made the Top-50 list of MBA,
EMBA and EE programs——The Financial Times

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