Beijing Initiative for the Development of China’s Social Enterprises Published in Beijing


Beijing Initiative for the Development of China’s Social Enterprises, referred to as Beijing Initiative was published on 11th June. 
China Association of Micro finance at Renmin University of China, Center for Civil Society Studies of Peking University, China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University,Beijing Pro Bono Foundation and other organizations attended the press conference with dozens of media organizations. 
China Association of Micro finance at Renmin University was established In February 2017, aiming to spread the true meanings and connotations of social enterprises and social causes to the public and college students based on its strength and responsibilities as one of the top academic organizations in China. 
Dean Mao sent a speech by video for this initiative. He said, the guideline of 13rd Five Year Plan of the Chinese government put an emphasis on mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Carrying out entrepreneurship and innovation campaigns and solving social problems is the only way to the balanced development of China’s economy and society, which is of great significance for the national strategies. Based on the vision of becoming the most respectable business school, RBS and China Association of Micro finance undertake the responsibilities as researcher, advocate and server to accelerate the overall development of China’s social enterprises through the establishment of a professional working network. 

At the same day, sponsors displayed the full text of Beijing Initiative, including values, code of conduct, guideline, sponsoring organizations and advocates’ roster and etc. With the support of the chair Zhao Meng, representatives of the sponsoring organizations elaborate the background, objectives, subsequent campaigns and of the initiative and its significance for social enterprises.

Chair Zhao Meng added, Chinese enterprises are now facing concrete challenges, including social enterprises’ accreditation, empowerment, evaluation system, investments, academic support and government’s strategic promotion. China Association of Micro finance is in fact an independent research organization, and its objective is to enhance the development of China’s social enterprises from the perspective of academic research, teaching, international exchange and the construction of ecosystem, and to lead China’s social enterprises to join the innovative network of global community and help excellent enterprises build a display stage in the world. 

Global social enterprises summit will be held in July in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This year’s summit set up a national forum, where different countries will display their developing status of their home enterprises. China Association of Micro finance will work with other organizations to sponsor China’s forum, making it the debut of China’s social enterprises across the world.

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