Dean Mao and Qi Hailun Received the Best Theory Paper Award of 2016 ICIS


2016 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) was held in Dubliner, Ireland from December 9thto 14th. The paper titled “Facilitating Transaction on a Crowdsourcing Platform: A Cognitive Frame Perspective”, joinly accomplished by Professor Mao Jiye, Dean of RBS, and Qi Hailun, PhD student of RBS Department of Management Science and Engineering, was granted the 2nd runner up of the Best Theory Paper Award.

 Qi Hailun and Professor Mao Jiye (right hand)

The paper, based on the approach of case study, builds a theoretical model to explain the key role of crowdsourcing platform in matching up ideas and transaction. The research method that Professor Mao’s project team has been insisting on, namely, theoretical study on domestic management cases is well acknowledged in global scale.

International Conference on Information Systems is the highest level event of Association for Information Systems, and the most authoritative one in this field. There were over 1700 scholars attending the conference this year. Among 1295 pieces of contributions, only 374 of them were eventually selected and included in the anthology. “The Best Paper” category consists of the Best Theory Paper Award, the Best Paper Award and the Best Progress Paper. The Best Theory Paper Award is presented to the ones that make great contribution to theory study. Among all included papers, only 9 were nominated for the Best Theory Paper Award, and 3 of them were the final winners. The number of nominees and winners are the least comparing with other awards. Moreover, the judges of this award are mostly senior scholars. The above elements made the Best Theory Paper a tremendous academic honor for the winners.

 Certificate of the Best Theory Paper Award

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