Dean Mao Awarded by China information Economics Society


Recently, China information Economics Society released the winner list of 2011-2015 Theoretical Achievement Award and 2016 Youth Innovation Award. There were three papers from Professor Mao Jiye’s research team selected to the winner list, among which the paper titled How do IT outsourcing vendors respond to shocks in client demand? A resource dependence perspective, accomplished by Professor Mao and Dr. Su Fang, won the first prize of information management group of 2011-2015 Theoretical Achievement Award, the paper of Dr Bai Haiqing, titled Constructing a Causal-effect Model of Critical Factors Influencing Successful Usage of ERP: An Investigation after Rollout won the third prize. Meanwhile, the paper of Dr Su Fang, titled The Bricolage Process of Resource-poor Firms in Response to Environment Changes, was granted 2016 Youth Innovation Award.

On the annual conference of China information Economics Society, Professor Mao, as the representative of 2011-2015 Theoretical Achievement Award winners, gave the keynote speech themed Theory Insight from Chinese Management Features.


The winner list of 2011-2015 Theoretical Achievement Award (excerpt)


The winner list of 2016 Youth Innovation Award (excerpt)

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