Prof. Buckley Visited RBS


Prof. Buckley, a world-renowned scholar on international business and Director of International Business Programs at University of Leeds, was invited to make a speech on “Modern Multinational Enterprises–Towards the Global Factory” on September 14, 2011 as the 8th lecture of the “Academic Report Series of Department of Trade Economics”.
Prof. Gu Kejian, Head of Department of Trade Economics and Director of International Business Programs, introduced to the audience Prof. Buckley’s reputation in the field of international business research and global and regional business organizations, as well as his contributions to the discipline development and education of international business.

Prof. Buckley first compared in the speech the concepts of “globalization” and “localization” from the perspective of market demand, and the different roles of outsourcing and shoring from the perspective of production supply. He also made a brief introduction of the process and function of knowledge management in globalized production. As for the development of local economy and enterprises in the era of globalization, he stressed the strategic importance of competition and cooperation. At last, Prof. Buckley summarized the speech by briefing on the interaction between globalized factory and diversified global market, internationalization policy-making and the approaches of innovation and knowledge management.
Prof. Buckley discussed with the audience about the role of developing countries in global value chains and the features of globalization and localization.
After the lecture, Prof. Yi Zhihong, Prof. Gu Kejian, Prof. Wang Xiaodong and Dr. Yi Jingtao exchanged ideas with Prof. Buckley about the hot issues about the research and education of international business.

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