Cross-strait Cooperation for High-end EMBA Program


The ceremony of Cooperation Framework Agreement and joint development of enterprise cases between RBS and the College of Management of National Taiwan University (NTU) was held in RBS on April 8, 2011.

According to the cooperation agreement, experienced faculty members from both parties will jointly develop at least ten cross-strait enterprise management cases each year, which will be used in the MBA and EMBA programs. Both parties will jointly offer a four-day course on business management, exchange EMBA students, use newly-developed cases in the lecture and invite experts and scholars to analyze cross-strait economic policies. In addition to creating opportunities for cross-strait entrepreneurs to study and communicate together, both parties will also cooperate in terms of student exchange, staff exchange and academic research.
The leaders of RUC and NTU attached great importance to the cooperation. Prof. Si-chen Lee, President of NTU, commented that the cooperation started the dialogues between two sides’ professors and enterprises, which will improve the communication on enterprise practice, teaching and research, as well as the circulation of Chinese publications between Taiwan University Press and RUC Press. Prof. Ji Baocheng, President of RUC, also expressed sincere wishes to the cooperation.

Both parties will start jointly working on enterprise cases soon, and the first research results will be presented at the upcoming seminar in Taipei in August. As the newly-developed reference for teaching on management, the finalized case materials will be used in EMBA program at the end of year.

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