The Unveiling Ceremony of RUC Hillhouse Academy Successfully Held


RUC Hillhouse Academy, funded by the Hillhouse Capital Management and supported by RUC alumni and founding members, was founded to promote RUC’s educational development and international reputation. The unveiling ceremony was held in Zhongshan Park, Beijing on April 23, 2011. 
Prof. Richard C. Levin, President of Yale University, Prof. Feng Huiling, Vice-President of RUC, and Mr. Zhang Lei, Chairman of Hillhouse Capital Management unveiled the nameplate of RUC Hillhouse Academy together. Over 60 distinguished guests from the education, business and politics circles attended the ceremony, including Li Yanhong, President of Baidu, Tian Guoli, General Manager of CITIC, Fan Yifei, Vice-General Manager of China Investment Corp., John L.Thornton, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Brookings Institution and founding member of Hillhouse Academy, Prof. Yi Zhihong, Dean of RBS, Wang Qing, Chief Economists (China) of Morgan Stanley, Qiao Hong, Senior Economist and Executive Director of Goldman Sachs Asia and many outstanding RUC alumni.

After the ceremony, the first forum of “Hillhouse Face-to-Face” was held. With the theme of “Innovative Integration of Consumption and E-commerce”, the business elites discussed the changes of mass consumption brought by the internet and the new directions of e-commerce development and business investment.

The ten founding members of RUC Hillhouse Academy also attended the 1st Meeting of the academy’s Board of Directors. They discussed the orientation and development goals of Hillhouse Academy, approved the Charter of RUC Hillhouse Academy, Rules on Capital Usage and Rules on Seal Usage. Prof. Yi Zhihong was appointed as the President of Hillhouse Academy, Feng Jiyong as the Secretary General, a

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