Leadership Simulation

Main instructors: Du Yang, Yu Zhou, Xiaoqiang Zhi

BEST (Business Events Simulation Test) is an innovative course designed by Prof. YANG Du and his PhD students. Over the past 18 years, the course has been adopted by the School’s EMBA and MBA programs, training more than 3,000 managers and executives from over 100 companies. 

The course involves various teaching methods including lectures, role plays, virtual business operation, case studies, and group discussions. Students are encouraged to review and reflect on real-world problems from multiple perspectives, and thus deepen their understanding of management problems, enhance leadership skills, and master the art of management.

Business: participate in the whole process of business operation, and understand business value added

Events: make decisions continuously as the business evolves

Simulation: 3-day intensive training to review major problems and challenges in recent 3 years

Test: reveal participants’ personalities and behavioral patterns through competition mechanism and better identify their own and others’ advantages and disadvantages