Game of Business

Nowadays, an increasing number of universities and colleges worldwide run business simulation contests, which rely on Internet-based business decision-making simulation platforms to assess students’ skills in marketing, finance, and operation management among other areas. In addition to real-time games, team competitions, and decision-making, students are also required to conduct case studies and make presentations.

In 2007, the Business School’s Computer and Lab Center started to guide students to participate in such events. And in 2009, it initiated a university-wide business simulation contest “Game of Business”.

The contest has become a highly popular event on campus. In total 3,310 students across 20 schools have participated in the contest. It is recognized as an outstanding undergraduate teaching program in 2017 by RUC.

The contest now becomes the first stage for the global contest “Peak Time”. Winners of the contest compete with teams from other universities nationwide. Those who win the national contest will participate in the global contest “Peak Time”.